01 Mar


Welcome to my website.

My site is set up a bit like a blog, so the home page reflects any recent posts. the last four or five posts will always be on the home page. Older posts will be archived, but they will also be listed in Categories, located at the top of the right sidebar.

Categories show how I think about my work:

Arrangements: I am reworking a song, working toward a way to perform the song or material, either by myself or with a group.

Compositions- are original work. I enjoy composing, and I’ve written some good pieces over the years. It’s nice to have a chance to share them.

Mixing- this is a technical skill. I get files from friends or online and run them through my equipment to see if I can make them sound good.

Recordings- Mostly these will be my “practice demos”. This is an exercise for me. I pretend a singer/songwriter has brought me original material to produce. I make all the decisions, play all the parts and mix a production demo.  (This is an early step in the production process that helps artists and producers make decisions about the direction the song might take.) These are not suppose to be finished pieces, ready for release.
Sometimes, I will include songs from bands, past or present, school work or re-creations of old recordings. If someone else is playing or singing, I credit them in the individual text entry.

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