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21 Feb

The Bell- a mash-up

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Listen: The Bell

This isn’t really a mash-up, but it’s the kind of ‘mash-up’ I like to do. It’s like assembling a mosaic when you don’t know what the final picture will look like.

From a recording point of view, it was a good chance to play with all the toys; delays, filters, flangers, chorus.

The basic drone is a bass played with an EBow (another toy). I was surprised by the nasty tone it produced. The rhythm was produced by touching the ebow against the vibrating string. I put a slow flanger and some long delay on this track.

The counter drone (it’s hard to call it a melody) was the ebow on a strat. I used a comb filter on this and got the flange sound by manually sweeping the frequencies. This gives it an irregular, psychedelic sound. The delay is called a reverse delay. It gives a little sforzando leading in to the attack. It required me to manually move the track back about 80 ms so it still sounded in time, but again, a nice psychedelic effect.

I found the poem online- http://www.sfheart.com/cohen.html. It’s called Instead Of Selling Pretzels by Allen Cohen of San Francisco. I read the poem and ran the track through a slow sweeping filter, then to a slow ping-pong delay

The song is an old klezmer tune, Oriental Melody. It probably has a yiddish name as well, but I wouldn’t be able to pronounce it.

I used a bouzouki to lay down the melody and again to set a backing track. The strat part switches to a harmony part.

I got the tabla loop from my friend Richard Wixner. (http://www.anotherplanerecords.com)

I played the harmony part on flute and drenched it in reverb. The sound effects are backwards and forwards cymbals obscured by flange and delay.

I put the whole thing together in GarageBand with an SM57 and an old Tapco mixer.

So let me summarize my kind of ‘mash-up’. I have American Buddhist poem with a psychedelic backing track leading into a Jewish song, claiming Oriental origins, played on a Greek instrument with Indian drums…

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