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10 Jun

Things About Goin’ My Way

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Listen: Things About Goin’ My Way


This is a recording from May of 2009. I was working in Garage Band and feeling I could do better. I spent about a year in Garage Band before deciding to take some classes at Berklee Online. That was the start of my switch to Pro Tools and the system I have now.

I found this song on an old Jim Croce recording. I was working with Mark Young on a Jim Croce tribute show (Mark has sound files on his site), and he had a ton of material, obscure home recordings, and unreleased studio tracks. This is an old blues tune and came from an album released after Jim’s death, I think it was called “Home Recordings.” I traced it back to a 1931 Tampa Red 78 record “Things Is Bout Comin My Way.” Maybe it originated there, I don’t have the patience to go back further.

I set this up as a form for soloing and kept solos to one chorus, so instruments switch frequently.

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