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26 Mar

Stone-Barone at Alans house

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Upddate: David recorded his trumpet part for this tune and I added it to the mix. 6Apr15

This is the song Diggin’ On James Brown by Tower Of Power.

My horn band, Stone-Barone and The Mad Tones was recording at my friend Alans house. We got about 8 songs down in the course of the evening and now owe Alan a big favor!

I added some things to the straight live performance. I added parallel compression to the bass and snare drums. This gives the beat a little more punch. I added an eighth note delay to Beccas voice (the lead voice). This gives her track more ‘width’ and helps her stand out. I put a slap echo on the background vocals to give them more fullness. Last, reverb on the snare and drum overheads. This helps with the sense of space and puts everything in the same room.

Because it is not obvious, I’ll mention that I am playing electric guitar through the rig that Spoons loaned me. An Axe-FX Ultra. The sound quality is, well, I don’t have enough good words for it; pristine, unmatchable, perfect. This sound processor will inspire me to spend more time recording.

Our trumpet player was out of town, so I still have to dub him.

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