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28 Aug

Spite- A Mixing Contest

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listen: Spite

A blog I follow, Mixnotes, is having a mixing contest. (Mixnotes/Softube Mixing Contest) They supplied the tracks, I supplied the mix. First prize is a high-end reverb plug-in.

This song is heavier than I usually work with. The distortion levels are in the track, not adjustable. So this was a challenge.

They sent me lots of drum tracks. 3 kick drum tracks, 4 snare tracks (top, bottom and 2 midi tracks, bounced to audio), hi hat, ride cymbal, 2 tom tracks, overheads in stereo and room mics in stereo.

My first approach was to eq the multiple snare tracks, keeping the levels equal, to create a composite sound. This didn’t work. I had some success, but I realized I was changing he level with the eq plug-in. So sliced and boosted the tracks, then set levels to get a composite snare sound. I did similar with the kick drum.

I set up a couple of busses for all the drum tracks. I wanted to get some pump out of my compressor on the drums, but I couldn’t get it to behave the way I wanted. So I created a separate bus for the kick drum and sent the ambience tracks (overheads and room mics) directly to the Sub Master. I set the threshold on the compressor so the snare got a good squish, but the hi hat barely registered. This gave me a little thickness on the snare which fit better in the aggressive arrangement.

Guitars needed to be eq’d and compressed, each track individually. I set up a bus for the guitars and put some compression on the bus as well. The guitar part at the end was a separate track. I added a distortion plug-in with some automation to brighten it up at the end and added some panning to give it some movement.

There were 2 bass tracks. The first was the main track. It was thick and distorted and needed some serious eq. The second track was an ultra low sub bass track. This was hard for me to mix. I don’t have a sub woofer and it is tricky hearing those low frequencies on my monitors. I thought this track was a little one dimensional, so I added automation to bring it in and out. These tracks were sent directly to the Sub Master bus.

There were three keyboard tracks. One was the sparkly pad running through the song. One was an explosion sound effect at the beginning of each chorus, and the third was a “ch ch ch” rhythm sound during the last chorus. I set up a synth bus, but it doesn’t really work to unify the parts. It does add a little compression to help keep them sitting properly in the mix.

I did a lot of volume automation with the sparkly pad, bringing it up and down to give some dimension to the track. I also added an expander, keyed to the snare track. This gives a nice pulse to the rhythm.

The vocals tracks were pretty straightforward. The main vocal, a doubling vocal on the chorus and an effect track. I eq’d and compressed these tracks and sent them to a vocal bus.

I didn’t add any reverb or delay. All this was provided in the tracks I downloaded. With one exception. I wanted some more depth on the snare, so I added a gated reverb- this is where you send the snare track through a reverb channel and add a gate to close off the reverb effect, lengthening the snare hits.

I tried to push things to get a more aggressive sound. I am not that familiar with this style, so it is hard for me to judge how successful this mix will be. I don’t think I will win any prizes. But it was a lot of fun.

Overall, I like the sound of the drums. I enjoyed the process and I’m glad I found something challenging to mix. Thanks to Mixnotes and Softube for setting up the contest.

Wish me luck.

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  1. mark
    August 29th, 2013 at 15:06 | #1

    I did one too. Crappy tune. Guitars had no high frequency. I added some vocal effects and left the drums sound more natural/room rather than use much of sample stuff. I think a song about spite should sound be a little more real than I think they intended.
    Who’s going to be foolish enough to listen to all these and decide. Ugh. I listened to a few that have been uploaded and most of them sound pretty much the same.

  2. August 30th, 2013 at 15:59 | #2

    I’ll look for your mix. I had a problem slicing up the bass and guitar sounds to get some definition and clean up the muddy texture. Was that intentional? Not a good sound. Still, it’s more fun than recording myself all the time!

    My biggest problem on this mix is I have no sub woofer. I ran my mix through the big system at the church where I volunteer and it was not good. I think those sub lows compromised my hearing the rest o the spectrum.

    I did a remix where I brought down the ultra lows and re-eq’d accordingly. I also changed the explosion sound. I added an expander/gate so I could get the big effect and then get it out of the way. It still sounds muddy to me.

  3. Reina and PJ
    August 31st, 2013 at 21:07 | #3

    Good movement but may need more bass.

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