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19 Jun

Mobile Line

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This is a demo recording Mad City Jug Band. It is not quite finished. I need to add some automation to smooth over some rough edges and massage some knotty passages. I may change the reverb and delay settings depending on how the rest of the project sounds.

There were a couple of challenges with this track. It was essentially recorded live. We wanted to get the live feeling of the band. I, being the engineer, had to push the buttons. My parts were added later.

The kazoo was the biggest problem. It was so loud it bled into all the other microphones. There was no way tame it, so we left it out and added it later, too. I added stereo delay to recreate that “this thing fills the whole room” effect.

It took some time to find a balance between the jug and the upright bass. The two instruments play similar parts and in the same range. I used some eq to put some edge on the jug sound and panned the two to opposite sides of the sound field to create some separation.

Overall, we got a strong performance. The energy is there and the vocals are in good tune. I feel the middle frequencies are a little fuzzy, but there is no way to get enough isolation to control that. I do think all the bleed through creates a nice full sound and I don’t hear any phase cancellation, so I can live with fuzzy mids.

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  1. Reina and PJ
    August 31st, 2013 at 20:57 | #1

    Too much going on in this song..

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