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26 Feb

Comin’ Down In The Rain

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Listen: Comin’ Down In The Rain

This is another ‘practice recording.’ I choose a song I like and pretend I am producing a demo for a client.

This song was written by Buddy Mondlock. He has an MP3 player on his homepage. You can scroll down to “PJ-08 Comin’ Down” to hear his version.

I wanted to use a ‘standard’ 2 guitars, bass and drums format. I chose an acoustic and an electric guitar this time (as opposed to two acoustics). I used Band In A Box to generate both a bass and drum track (using Real Drums), but I wasn’t happy with the results.

I wanted more movement in the drum part- so I kept the BIAB part and added a ride cymbal. I simply set up a cymbal next to my computer, mic’ed it played along with the track. It not only added movement, but gave some nice crispness to the finished track.

For bass part, I wanted some specific descending lines, so I trashed the BIAB part and played bass. I ran Stevo’s old “Thumbs Up” bass direct through my ISA One and got a great big tone. I ended up mixing it back, so it took up less space and eq’ing it so it fit better in the mix.

The acoustic guitar is exactly the part I use playing live. It’s my Lowden, close mic’ed in stereo.

The electric guitar is there to add texture. I used chorus and delay to create some spacey descending lines on the verses and some movement on the choruses. And of course the solo.

I was really happy with the way the solo turned out. I had written the first two lines and pre-determined a long descending line at the end. The rest is improvised. It took 3-4 takes to make it all work together Also, I used the same effects on rhythm and solo parts, with a little overdrive to make the solo stand out.

I’m still happy with the way this one came out. If I ever put out a solo album, I’ll have to get the rights for this one.

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