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25 Feb

I Go To This Window

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Listen: I Go To This Window

This is an old recording. It came out of Finale. This music composition software has a feature that lets you assign sounds to your staves and play back your work. I took advantage of this.

I set up a (free) recording program called Audicity to record from the microphone plugged into my Mac. Then I ran a 1/8″ male to 1/8″ male cable from the speaker out port of my Mac to the mic in port. Tell Audicity to record, switch to Finale and press play. This may not be considered a ‘professional’ solution, but it works and the sound quality is pretty good.

This piece comes from an e. e. cummings poem. I use the poem to set the rhythm and tone of the piece. I start by reading the piece out loud. I record this reading and transcribe the rhythm, trying to keep the pauses as I read them. I use this rhythm to construct a melody and work out a bass line and harmonies around that melody. This piece is not intended to be sung.

I Go To This Window started life as a piano piece, but changing to an oboe/piano duet really opened up the melody.

You can look at the sheet music here:  sheet music


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  1. Donan
    February 26th, 2012 at 13:41 | #1

    This is the first thing I listened to… wanted to hear the words… loved the melody!

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