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22 Feb

Romance Without Finance

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Here is my version: Romance Without Finance

Here is the original: Romance Without Finance Original

I thought I’d give a chance to listen to my version and the original so you can hear the difference. The original is by Big Bill Broonzy and Washboard Sam.

This song is a 12 bar blues. I like the concept of the original, but it didn’t move the way I wanted it to. I was working on slide guitar and learning open D tuning, so I started the arrangement with slide guitar. I kept the form, the chord progression (note the dominant flat six chord in both versions) and most of the melody.

I worked out the main riff as a way organize the song. Many blues tunes have this repeated musical idea- it’s a common feature of the blues. I was thinking in terms of a three piece group; guitar, slide guitar and mandolin. I had the main riff and a picking pattern worked out on slide, I added some strummed rhythms on guitar.

I didn’t want a straight chop on mandolin, that sounded too country, but I needed that 2-and-4 rhythm. I had to play around a while before I found the bend. It was a good way to get that rhythm and keep the song sounding like the blues.

One of my limitations is my vocals. I’m not a bad singer, I sing mostly in tune and I do a pretty good job in some styles, but I’m never going to be a lead vocalist. I’m not putting myself down, but if I auditioned for American Idol, I would not make it to Hollywood. I did 3 or 4 takes on this song and this is the best one. I ain’t expectin’ to make money on it.

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  1. Donan
    February 26th, 2012 at 13:54 | #1

    Loved that you put both the original and your arrangement in this post.

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