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26 Mar

Stone-Barone at Alans house

Upddate: David recorded his trumpet part for this tune and I added it to the mix. 6Apr15

This is the song Diggin’ On James Brown by Tower Of Power.

My horn band, Stone-Barone and The Mad Tones was recording at my friend Alans house. We got about 8 songs down in the course of the evening and now owe Alan a big favor!

I added some things to the straight live performance. I added parallel compression to the bass and snare drums. This gives the beat a little more punch. I added an eighth note delay to Beccas voice (the lead voice). This gives her track more ‘width’ and helps her stand out. I put a slap echo on the background vocals to give them more fullness. Last, reverb on the snare and drum overheads. This helps with the sense of space and puts everything in the same room.

Because it is not obvious, I’ll mention that I am playing electric guitar through the rig that Spoons loaned me. An Axe-FX Ultra. The sound quality is, well, I don’t have enough good words for it; pristine, unmatchable, perfect. This sound processor will inspire me to spend more time recording.

Our trumpet player was out of town, so I still have to dub him.

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23 Sep

I Am Free

Rough Final:

This is a song from the praise band I work with called Echoes Of Grace here in Verona. The church had bought a new digital mixer (an Allen&Heath GLD 112) and some digital recording software. We recorded a service using all the new equipment and I took the tracks home and mixed them through my rig.

I am playing one of the electric guitar parts.

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15 Sep

Revelation Song

Rough final:


Vocals only:

This vocal excerpt starts at about 3:36 of the rough final.


This is another live test recording from Echoes Of Grace. I mixed this at home with my Pro Tools set-up.

I play acoustic guitar on this song.

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15 Sep

Glory Of God

Echoes Of Grace wanted to try out some new digital recording software at Good Shepherd. I took the files home to play with and this is how it turned out.

I am playing acoustic guitar on this song.

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16 Jun

Evergreen Fiction

Listen: Evergreen Fiction

I had forgotten where this came from. I did a quick google search and found: Adesign Evergreen Fiction by Dom Liberati. It’s a nice song and it was fun to do some work on it. It’s not particularly notable.

Except that I had made a change to my hardware setup between starting and finishing this track. I didn’t do an A/B comparison between the old setup and the new one, so this song gave me some insight.

In order to record the Mad City Jug Band, I had to add some input channels. Because we were recording live, I chose the Focusrite Octopre MkII Dynamic.  This is the first piece with the new equipment.

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16 Apr

Another Contest- Flattery And Lies

Listen: Flattery And Lies

Mixnotes is a blog I like to follow, with a YouTube channel for reviews and how-to kinds of things. Occasionally, they run a mixing contest. They supply a group of pre-recorded tracks and offer prizes like new plugins and training materials.

I can tell you how hard it is to record myself all the time. I have to deal with my own inadequacies. And mistakes. Many, many mistakes. A contest like this is a lot of fun for me. A change in perspective and a chance to challenge my skills.

This contest featured a song by a singer songwriter named Caitlin Eadie. I enjoy her unique voice, she sounds a little like Blossom Dearie (also Blossom). That girlish voice is backed by an emotional maturity that gives real strength to her songwriting. It was a pleasure to work on this song.

My organizing idea on this song was to have the beginning closed off and have the song open up as it progressed. I started with the stereo field restricted at abut 50%. I opened it up a little at the chorus (70%), back down for the second verse, and didn’t open up fully until the bridge. I left the full stereo field under the outro to reinforce the resolution of the song.

I think this approach may be too subtle. It’s hard to hear changes in the stereo field. It may have been more effective in surround sound, because i  there I could make the difference obvious. While I love the spot where it opens up, the effect doesn’t really speak unless you are wearing headphones. Even there, it is hard to notice until you get to the bridge.

The only really fancy thing I added was the echo at the end. I liked the concept, but found the actuality distracting. I patched the delay through the reverb instead of the main output. This makes the echo an ethereal whisper, off in the distance- which is what I was going for. Ethereal whisper.

I am happy with my mix. I don’t plan on winning any prizes. My system is old enough now that the new plugins won’t load. I’d love some training materials, though. More new projects to mix.

I am adding a new “Mixing” category to my site. Songs like this one- I didn’t write, arrange, play any instrument or even record any tracks. I just realized the mix. It’s the perfect label for the technical work I did and do.

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